Yoga Happiness Studio in Columbus is now closed*.

If you're interested in continuing practicing with Burgundie, check out, an online way to practice yoga. You can also find Yoga Happiness Academy on Facebook! There is a private FB group associated with YHA for students who sign up for the monthly or annual membership or private lessons.

Thank you for these past several years. It has been my pleasure to be a kind of yoga trail guide on this path of your yoga journey.

A funny thing about paths, they are not always direct and sometimes meander. We may think we're going from Point A to Point B, but sometimes we realize Point B isn't the destination anymore. That's what happened to me.

Part of my heart will always be in Clintonville, where I was born, raised, and have spent 43 years of my life.

My journey now takes me west to Missoula, Montana and I am excited for the adventures to be found there.

Where will your journey lead? What might you find along the way?

Keep an open mind, a steady breath, and a gentle gaze.

And, who knows, maybe our paths will cross again!


*Burg is in the process of learning her way around Missoula, MT, and hopes to open Yoga Happiness Missoula within the next year.

Breathe - Move - Smile


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Owner Burgundie Miceli opened Yoga Happiness Studio in 2015 to offer non-dogmatic hatha yoga classes for all levels. What does "non-dogmatic" mean? It means there's no "should". What should you feel in the pose? What should you be doing? Should, should, should.

Instead, do what feels best to your body at that moment!

Yoga is a lifestyle. We practice the lessons in everything we do. Breathing. Being mindful. Staying present. Though simple, they are not always easy. This is why we practice.

Ignore the thought of 'beginner' or 'advanced'. If you're staying present, you're advanced, no matter how simple the pose. If you're content to let your mind wander, no matter the pretzel you're in, you're a beginner.


"Happiness, not in another place but this place, not for another hour but this hour"

Walt Whitman

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