Yoga Happiness is changing, once again. 

The business started as my being a travelling yoga teacher. 

Then it became a brick-and-mortar studio. Then that studio moved down the street.

And then it was an online yoga academy.

And then I moved from Columbus, Ohio* to Missoula, Montana.

Currently, the Academy - as it had been for over a year - is no more, but the videos are on YouTube.

However, I'm is in the process of finding my place in Missoula. (Read into that all that you can!)

For right now, yoga lessons are either found on YouTube OR offered in-person in corporate or private situations.

Check out the Yoga Happiness Academy page for more information and details.

Massage is done (obviously in-person) either in a corporate setting, in your home, or in Burg's home.

Check out the Massage page for those details!

*Side note for the Columbus folks, I hope to see you when I visit or when you come out West for a visit!

As always, thank you for supporting all these shenanigans. I have a passion and I'll never throw in the towel entirely. It just may need to go in the wash for a little bit.


Breathe - Move - Smile

New to Yoga?

Learn about Yoga STudio Etiquette!

This is from Burg's first studio!

Owner Burgundie Miceli opened Yoga Happiness Studio in 2015 in Columbus, Ohio to offer non-dogmatic hatha yoga classes for all levels. What does "non-dogmatic" mean? It means there's no "should". What should you feel in the pose? What should you be doing? Should, should, should.

Instead, do what feels best to your body at that moment!

Yoga is a lifestyle. We practice the lessons in everything we do. Breathing. Being mindful. Staying present. Though simple, they are not always easy. This is why we practice.

Ignore the thought of 'beginner' or 'advanced'. If you're staying present, you're advanced, no matter how simple the pose. If you're content to let your mind wander, no matter the pretzel you're in, you're a beginner.


"Happiness, not in another place but this place, not for another hour but this hour"

Walt Whitman

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