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Burg is vaccinated and wears a mask during massages since she's close to your body. You are encouraged but not required to wear a mask when you receive your massage. Burg washes her hands before and after massage, and linens are changed after every massage as is the standard for any massage regardless of COVID. 

Class sizes are always small. During class, Burg usually is not wearing a mask because deep breathing is hard in a mask. Students will sit a good distance apart and are welcome to wear a mask if they prefer.

We run an air filter in the studio and clean regularly.

Yoga Happiness is a neighborhood studio offering yoga and massage

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Classes here are small, by design.

Both the yoga and the massage are tailored to what is needed in the moment.

Here are some things that you'll hear your teacher, Burgundie, say regularly:


"Come as you are"

"Yoga is for everybody and every body"

"Kick your ass somewhere else, come here to recover"

"You can't pour water from an empty pitcher"

"Take care of yourself so you can take care of others"

"Yes, you should get a massage"

something Star Wars related

something anatomy related...

There are lots of other things you'll hear her say regularly.

But also, 

You Belong Here


I hope to see you on the mat!

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This is from Burg's first studio!

Owner Burgundie Miceli opened Yoga Happiness Studio in 2015 in Columbus, Ohio, (then re-opened in 2021 in Missoula, Montana) to offer non-dogmatic hatha yoga classes for all levels. What does "non-dogmatic" mean? It means there's no "should". What should you feel in the pose? What should you be doing? Should, should, should.

Instead, do what feels best to your body at that moment!

Yoga is a lifestyle. We practice the lessons in everything we do. Breathing. Being mindful. Staying present. Though simple, they are not always easy. This is why we practice.

Ignore the thought of 'beginner' or 'advanced'. If you're staying present, you're advanced, no matter how simple the pose. If you're content to let your mind wander, no matter the pretzel you're in, you're a beginner.


"Happiness, not in another place but this place, not for another hour but this hour"

Walt Whitman

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