Charity of the Month

Each month, starting November 2021, a percentage of the proceeds from yoga classes and massages taught/performed by Burg will go to a local non-profit organization. 

Since the studio only recently re-opened in Missoula and Burg is still building a client/student base, the percentage that is donated is still TBD, but Burg would like to donate at least $100 per month. 

Transparent Sneakiness & Circular Benefits

The Charity

The local nonprofit organization obviously benefits by receiving a donation from Yoga Happiness. They also get more exposure via YHS's website, FB page, and Instagram posts. Also, perhaps YHS clients will privately donate by clicking the Donate Now button!

The Yoga Happiness Client

This is the super sneaky part. 

Lots of research and evidence show the benefits of a regular meditation practice, being flexible, and other aspects of yoga as well as the benefits of massage.

Add to that the piles of evidence about the  physical and neurological benefits of giving to others and practicing compassion. 

You're double dosing on doing wonderful things for yourself which in turn benefits those around you!


Yoga Happiness Studio

More clients might choose a class at this studio (or online) and get a massage if they know it also supports a great local charity! Feel good marketing for the studio, is what that is. And Burg gets connections with local organizations. And, yes, getting these donations benefits the studio come tax time. 

This Month's Charity!

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Past Charitites
November 2021: Watson Children's Shelter