Specialized Private Sessions

Humans are complicated beings and we live complex lives. The one thing that is true is that we need to spend time on ourselves and practice self-care. Fill yourself up so you can help others. You cannot pour water from an empty pitcher.

We practice self-care in different ways.

Here are some ways we can create a private session that fits what you would like to work on!

NOTE: Asana means pose. It is a specific aspect of yoga. "Yoga" incorporates many things, so I'm being specific about what could be done during a session.

Asana + Thai Yoga

Movement you do for yourself and then movement I do for you. Focus on strengthen trouble areas and stretching tight spots. This can be very powerful and can help you understand those parts that need more release than others...and it's not always what you think!

Asana+ Meditation +Thai Yoga

This incorporates movement, purposeful and guided meditation, and Thai Yoga. Maybe there is a specific issue that is taking of space in your mind, let's work on that. Thoughts, feelings, emotions, body pain, etc. can benefit from movement and meditation.

Couples Thai Yoga

Practicing non-sexual touch is an important aspect of a loving relationship. During this session, I work with you and your partner as you take turns practicing some basic Thai Yoga techniques on each other. Practice giving and receiving. Lessons not only for TY, but also for life.

Recommended 90 minutes for this so each person gets about 40 minutes of attention.

Chakra Specific Work: Asana + Meditation + TY

Start with a Chakra test and discussion of questions and results. Practice poses, meditation, pranayama, mudras, specific for opening and/or balancing chakras. Receive Assisted Thai Yoga geared toward work on specific Chakra(s).

Athlete's Combo

You don't have to be an athlete for this, but that's who I had in mind when creating this.

I'll work with you on: poses you can do at home, modifications for your level of flexibility and range of motion, focus on proper alignment, and other ways to prevent injury and increase performance.

90 minute session includes:

  • Yoga warms up

  • Yoga strengthening poses for  ankles, knees, hips

  • Thai Yoga focusing on feet, ankles, shoulders, hamstrings, and hips

Build Your Own

Combine yoga techniques and Thai Yoga to work on whatever it is you'd like to address. If you don't know what you need, then we'll build in time for talking about what's going on before putting together a plan.