Dr. Heather Bartlett

Dr. B made a big life change and became the first Direct Primary Care doctor in Columbus, Ohio. She's helping people by setting a good example and doing what's right.

Dr. Genie Giaimo

Genie promotes and encourages mindfulness practices for her staff in the writing center at OSU. Can your profession use mindfulness training? (the answer is 'yes')

Juan Alvarez

Juan teaches mindfulness to CEOs to help combat the stress and loneliness of being at the top. He knows because he's been there.

Elizabeth Miller

Founder of Reden Yoga in Columbus, Ohio, Elizabeth shares her journey into yoga, what yoga means to her, and how she helps others.

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sipra pimputkar

Owner of Yoga Well Being in Columbus, Ohio, sipra pimputkar promotes yoga as a lifestyle for health and well-being.

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The Men of YHS

Listen to a discussion between some of YHS' male students on what it's like to be a male yoga student.

Paul Granello, PhD,


Associate professor counselor education, The Ohio State University

Charles von Gunten,MD, PhD

Vice President, Medical Affairs, Hospice & Palliative Care
Ohiohealth Kobacker House


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