Thai Yoga Massage

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Thai Yoga Massage is a form of meditation in the same way yoga is a moving meditation. In Assisted Thai Yoga, the recipient makes no physical effort during the movements. The practitioner focuses on the energy lines (sen lines) of the client and works on blockages and movement of that energy which aids in circulation and healing. TY involves pressing, pulling, twisting, and movement of the body to encourage this energy flow.


TYM is done on a mat on the floor. A lot of space is needed for this bodywork!

You are completely clothed and do not need to have any prior knowledge or understanding of TY or yoga.

No oils are used.

The intention of a Thai Yoga Massage session is for relaxation, of course, but also to encourage and assist the healing of the mind/body. Although TYM is a form of healing, it may not be for everyone. People with certain chronic conditions, diseases, and injuries should avoid this. If you aren't sure, ask your doctor.


1-on-1 Thai Yoga Massage Session



$75 - 1-hour

$90 - 1 hour 15 mins

$110 - 1-hour 30 mins

$140 - 2-hours


Not In-Studio

Add $20 per hour for travel, set-up, etc.


Private Partner Thai Yoga Massage


2-hr guided hands-on session: Partners learn and practice Thai Yoga Massage techniques on each other. This is a great way to practice non-sensual touch which is just as important as sensual touch in a relationship.


$140 - 2-hours


Not In-Studio





  • No food 1 hour before

  • Wear comfortable clothing with a soft waist band. Remove belts. Wear socks if you'd like!

  • Remove bracelets and watch.

  • This is a safe space. Thai Yoga involves touching and energy transfer. Any inappropriate behavior will result in termination of client relationship.

  • Body work impacts your internal organs so don't be surprised at any movement and noises that may arise. It is natural!

  • If it hurts, say something.




Burgundie is not a massage therapist.

Thai Yoga Massage is not recommended for people with injuries or certain chronic conditions. Please consult your physician if you are not sure if TYM is right for you.

Email Burg to Schedule: Burg@YogaHappiness.US