What to Expect

Your massage session with Burg will start with filling out a health questionnaire and then discussing what combination of techniques will help with what you need at that moment. 

Perhaps you need deep relaxation.

Maybe you have a trigger point (maybe you don't realize it and Burg finds it during your massage!)

Maybe you have a specific injury or pain or weakness.

Your session with Burg may be a combination of Thai, traditional (which uses oil or creme), yoga stretches/restorative poses/strengthening poses, meditation, and breathing exercises.

Essentially, whatever your body, brain, mind, and energy need in the moment. And that might even change during the session!



  • Avoid eating a big meal1 hour prior

  • Wear comfortable clothing with a soft waist band. Remove belts. Wear socks if you'd like!

  • Remove bracelets and watch.

  • This is a safe space. Massage involves touching and energy transfer. Any inappropriate behavior will result in termination of client relationship.

  • Body work impacts your internal organs so don't be surprised at any movement and noises that may arise. It is natural!

  • If it hurts, say something.