Yoga Classes

Coming VERY Soon

I don't yet have a name for it but Burg and Clint are making hiking & yoga videos that will be FREE on YouTube and/or Patreon.

1) 20-minute video discussion lesson as we hike to a location

2) 20-minute video of movement, meditation, breathing, etc.

3) Video of outtakes, coming back down, etc. - this may be the bonus video you get if you're a Patreon patron.

These free videos will replace live-streamed

and in-person regular yoga classes.

Yin and Learner Series classes will still continue.

Workshops will be the primary focus.

These will likely be live-streamed and may be recorded.

Here are some classes already available on YouTube.

Yoga Workshops

Schedule and Pricing TBD
But you can look forward to these kinds of things:

Restorative & Thai Massage
Inversions & Arm Balances
Standing Balances
and so much more. 

Workshops are really where Burg wants to spend her time.
They're fun, more immersive, and community building.

Private Yoga/Meditation Lessons

Maybe you're brand new to yoga and want to get some basics in before taking a class.

Maybe a private session for meditation better suits you than a class practice.

Or perhaps you'd like to learn some stretches, strengthening poses, breath exercises, etc. that are specific to your activity, issue, thing.



$75 - 1-hour

$90 - 1 hour 30 mins

$120 - 2 hours

House Call

Add $20 

*House calls limited to Missoula County and down the Bitterroot

Yoga Retreats

TBD but they're a thing. We're hoping to schedule a week-long retreat in 2022 somewhere out here in the West.

Corporate Yoga Classes

Schedule group classes for your company either in-studio, in-office, or some other location.
Pricing is based on time, distance, and number of students
Contact Burg directly to discuss.