From January's asana class focused on twists and backbends.

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Yoga Happiness Academy is an online yoga learning experience. It launched it November of 2019 to existing students. Each month, with feedback and suggestions, classes change, scenery changes, and students learn practical applications of yoga, not only has a physical practice but as a lifestyle.

Practice from the privacy of your own home. Become part of a growing community that stays connected using current technology!

Private lessons available!

We are Live-Streaming!!

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As a YHA member you get:

4 new recorded classes per month

  • 2-1hr movement/asana classes

  • 1 meditation lesson

  • 1 breath/pranayama lesson

On-demand access to all previously recorded classes

that can be watched as many times as you like for as long as you're a member

Monthly Live-Streamed Workshops